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This conversation is being recorded for training purposes.

Your call may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance.

You have probably heard different variations of this standard call greeting. Businesses and call centers record and monitor calls for reasons ranging from staff training to quality assurance. While call recording may seem like an unnecessary add-on for your phone system, the information and protection it provides can be invaluable to your business.

Call recording is beneficial in four areas:
• Agent Training
• Regulatory Compliance
• Resolving Customer Service Disputes
• Call Statistics

Agent Training
Using call recording, managers can identify potential problems and provide coaching and training to agent. Properly trained agents are more productive, have better conversion rates and create a more enjoyable customer experience.

Regulatory Compliance
Know your industry. Know the regulations.
Is some type of call recording required?
Are there more specific guidelines governing how recordings should be handled and stored?

Familiarize yourself with the law regarding recordings. Is your state a one-party or two-party consent state? Federal law and many state’s laws recognize one-party consent. One-party consent requires on party on the call be aware of and consent to the recording. Eleven states, however, recognized the “Two-party Consent Law” and require all parties on the call be aware of and consent to recording.

Resolving Customer Service Disputes
Don’t rule out call recording just because your industry doesn’t require it. Call recording is helpful for resolving customer disputes as well. Electronic records can protect your organization should an issue arise. Reviewing recordings and preemptively acting on problems can improve customer service.

Call Statistics
Call recording software and applications provides valuable information to users. Supervisors can use a PC application to see the basic information of a call: call length, transfers, number of calls in queue, etc. Compare agents or departments with downloadable reports within the software.

Hiscall can give you an analysis of your system and let you know which call recording product is right for you and your phone system. Give us a call at 866-740-7771.

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