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In this age of technology, what teacher doesn’t want a smart board to enhance the classroom experience?  Intelliboard® from Numonics is the answer!

When connected to a computer and a data projector, the Intelliboard (I-Board) interactive whiteboard becomes a large interactive projection screen and lessons become an entertaining multimedia presentation.  It’s an integrated solution, combining state-of-the-art hardware with leading edge software, creating a powerful teaching tool.

It’s an interactive whiteboard.  Write and draw over projected images, annotate in color, highlight, cut and paste images, and capture it all for future use or electronic distribution.

It’s an information center.  Simply touch the Intelliboard surface with the Multimedia Pen and run all computer functions, such as opening files, running digital video clips, or downloading free content from the Internet from the front of the class.  No need to return to your computer and lose the students’ attention.

It’s Classroom Tough®!  Made of a hard laminate, the Intelliboard surface can take whatever your class can give it, virtually eliminating down time and inconvenience.  And, it has the only limited lifetime warranty.

New Dual Pen Option:
Now two students can write simultaneously on the classroom interactive whiteboard completing lessons.  By touching the board surface with an electronic pen, the presenter controls the computer environment in real time.  All program functions are transferred to the pen enabling the presenter to stay in front of the audience without touching the computer.  Annotations can be made directly on the projected images to improve audience retention of the material. Note taking software automatically saves written notations or illustrations for distribution during or after the session.

Using the I-Board will improve the quality and content of your presentation to result in greater audience participation and enhanced learning.

Hiscall, Inc. can help with all your business communication needs.  For more information about Numonics, please call your Hiscall, Inc. Account Consultant directly, visit or call 866-740-7771.

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